Advanced Material Science

We seek students who are highly motivated and qualified to create our future world by processing advanced materials and pursuing theomplex functions through physical and chemical manipulation of atoms and molecules.

Leading subjects

  • Advanced condensed matter physics Advanced quantum devices
  • Advanced photonics
  • Lectures on advanced electronics
  • Advanced functional materials
  • Advanced quantum material science
  • Structure and chemistry of crystalline solids
Supervisors Main topics of research
Professor HARIMOTO Tetsuo Nonlinear optical effects with ultrahigh intensity and ultrashort laser pulses
Professor KONDOH Eiichi Processing and evaluation of micro- and nanomaterials
Professor KUMADA Nobuhiro Synthesis and crystal structure analysis of new inorganic compounds
Professor TAKEI Takahiro Soft chemical synthesis of new functional inorganic material
Professor TANAKA Isao Growth technique and new function discovery of functional oxide single crystals
Professor WATAUCHI Satoshi Development of techniques for crystal growth using infrared convergent heating systems
Associate Professor ARIMOTO Keisuke Electronic properties of group IV semiconductor heterostructures
Associate Professor IJIMA Kaoru Surface science
Associate Professor ISHIKAWA Akira Theory of quantum optics in open nanosystems
Associate Professor KATOH Hatsuhiro Physics and technologies for designing electronic devices
Associate Professor NAGAO Masanori Single Crystals Growth of Functional Materials (Mainly Superconductor) and its Characterization
Associate Professor OGAWA Kazuya Optical functional organic materials
Associate Professor SAKAI Masaru Nanophotonics, optical properties of nanomaterials
Associate Professor SATO Tetsuya Low temperature synthesis of functional thin film by plasma excitation of condensed gas layer
Associate Professor SYOUJI Atsushi Optical properties of condensed matter and semiconductors
Associate Professor UCHIYAMA Kazuharu Scanning probe microscopy for development of nano-optoelectronic functional device
Associate Professor YAMANAKA Junji Transmission electron microscopy of semiconductors, metallic alloys, and other inorganic materials
Associate Professor YONEZAKI Yoshinori Synthesis and structure analysis of inorganic photofunctional materials
Assistant Professor HARA Kosuke Thin film fabrication and photovoltaic applications of silicide-related materials

Note: Some professors affiliated with this course are also in charge of the Applied Chemistry Course.