What is JABEE?

JABEE is the abbreviation for the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (Nihon Gijyutsu Kyouiku Nintei Kikoh in Japanese). Its aim is to contribute to the development of society and industry through improving engineering education and fostering engineers who can perform at the international level. JABEE was developed in November 1999 to conduct accreditation of engineering education programs in higher education institutions and maintain international equivalence in education levels based on a unified standard. Its primary activity is to ensure that education in a higher education institution maintains consistent standards so that the educational accomplishments clear the minimum levels of knowledge and ability (minimum requirements) to train working engineers (professional accreditation). JABEE's accreditation of an engineering education program provided in a department or course in the Faculty of Engineering is conducted fairly by external institutions. Therefore, once a department or course is accredited by JABEE, the quality of its graduates and education programs is highly assured.

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