Undergraduate Programs

Department of Mechanical Engineering

You can obtain basic knowledge in mechanical engineering that is necessary for the fabrication of cars, airplanes, robots, and medical and welfare equipment.

Department of Mechatronics

Department of Mechatronis provides a broad foundation in construction technologies of integrated systems (robots, etc) which involve aspects of various fields such as mechanics, electronics, and computer science. We offer students an education that will enable them to solve problems with mechatronics science.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering applications can be found everywhere in our modern life, from smartphones and personal computers to highly sophisticated telecommunication systems, and from traditional electric generations to green technologies for renewable energy. Electrical and electronic engineering are key disciplines that are deeply related to today's civilization, and will have an impact on the technologies that are essential for a sustainable and better future.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

A graduate from our department will become an information technology engineer and/or scientist playing an active role in shaping the future information society. Our curriculum, which combines a solid foundation in computer science with advanced and/or applied courses in computer technology, readies the graduate for such roles.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

This department trains students to become engineers who can contribute enthusiastically to the maintenance and management of hospitable communities and a social infrastructure that is in harmony with the environment and resilient to disasters.

Department of Applied Chemistry

The Department of Applied Chemistry provides essential knowledge for the sustainable development and prosperity of human beings, such as the generation of new materials and subjects associated with energy and the environment.

Department of Science for Advanced Materials

We conduct investigations according to our understanding of physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and we apply such knowledge to develop new materials and technologies that open the way to the future.