Master's Programs


Integrated Graduate School of Medicine, Engineering, and Agricultural Sciences

Philosophy and Objectives

The aims of our education and research programs are as follows: to cultivate superior scholars who can apply their academic studies to solution of the problems faced by today's society, and who, from a global perspective, can creatively improve upon these applied solutions; and to cultivate competent business specialists equipped with high-grade academic knowledge.

Educational Goals

We nurture those who, as professional engineers and researchers, will contribute to society using their expertise, development capability, ability to identify and solve problems, and international communication skills.

Admission Policy

We invite to join our programs students with a basic academic foundation in their field of specialization, who are motivated to seek further knowledge and pursue advanced research and applications, and who have a desire to give back to society.

Department of Engineering

We seek individuals who are motivated to acquire expertise in their major field, clear insight into engineering, and international sense and communication skills, and who intend to use their skills and pioneering spirit to make creative contributions to social and industrial development.