Applied Chemistry

We seek individuals who wish to contribute to innovative developments for future society through creative research and studies founded on broad and international perspectives, utilizing high-level knowledge and technological proficiency in basic applied chemistry fields such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and polymer chemistry.

Leading subjects

  • Advanced organic chemistry
  • Advanced inorganic chemistry I
  • Advanced inorganic chemistry II
  • Advanced analytical chemistry
  • Advanced physical chemistry
  • Advanced polymer chemistry
  • Advanced quantum chemistry for energy conversion
  • Advanced course in materials design for fuel cells
Supervisors Main topics of research
Professor IRIE Hiroshi Development of materials for energy and environmental preservation
Professor INUKAI Junji Analysis of surface structure and electronic state of energy conversion materials
Professor UCHIDA Makoto Design of high-performance membrane electrode assemblies for fuel cells
Professor OKUZAKI Hidenori Polymer electronics and soft robotics
Professor OBATA Makoto Synthesis and application of functional polymers
Professor KAKINUMA Katsuyoshi Synthesis and analysis of nanomaterials for fuel cells
Professor KUWABARA Tetsuo Synthesis and development of functional supramolecular dyes
Professor TAKEI Takahiro Synthesis of functional inorganic porous materials
Professor NOHARA Shinji Preparation and characteri zation of electrodematerialsforsupercapacitors
Professor MIYAJIMA Naoya Surface modification and applications of porous materials
Professor MIYATAKE Kenji Synthesis and characterization of polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells
Professor YANAGI Hiroshi Exploration of new functional semiconductors
Professor YONEYAMA Naoki Single crystal growth and physical properties of organic conductors
Professor WADA Satoshi Development of environmentally friendly electroceramics with high performance by nanostructure control
Professor WATAUCHI Satoshi Development of techniques for crystal growth using infrared convergent heating systems
Research Professor MIYAO Toshihiro Nanostructured catalysts for hydrogen production
Associate Professor INOUE Kumi Electrochemical biosensors and biosensing methods
Associate Professor UETA Ikuo Analysis of trace volatile organic compounds
Associate Professor UENO Shintaro Development of high-performance ceramic composites by microstructural control
Associate Professor KUZUME Akiyoshi Analysis of nano-interfacial electrochemistry
Associate Professor SAKANE Hideto Analysis of local structure and character of inorganic compounds
Associate Professor TAKASHIMA Toshihiro Design of multi-electron transfer catalysts for artificial photosynthesis
Associate Professor FUJII Ichiro Fabrication and characterization of ferroelectric ceramics
Associate Professor YONEZAKI Yoshinori Synthesis and structure analysis of inorganic photofunctional material
Assistant Professor SATO Hajime Drug Discovery Research Based on Computational Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, and Genetic Engineering

Note: Some professors affiliated with this course are also in charge of the Advanced Material Science Course and/or Special Educational Program for Green Energy Conversion Science and Technology.