Mechanical Engineering

We receive students who wish to satisfy society's diversifying needs by acquiring the most advanced technological know-how in the automobile, aerospace, medical engineering, power and energy systems fields, in addition to broadening their knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering fields such as machinery physics, production technology engineering, and systems design engineering. We also seek students who want to take an active part in the international community by acquiring communication skills from a global perspective.

Leading subjects

  • Advanced material processing
  • Advanced mechanical materials engineering
  • Advanced mechanical dynamics and control
  • Advanced thermal engineering
  • Advanced mechanical systems engineering
  • Advanced fluid mechanics
  • Advanced strength of materials
Supervisors Main topics of research
Professor FUJIMORI Atsushi Modeling and control design of mechanical systems, navigation of mobile robots
Professor ITO Yasumi Medical and welfare engineering, forensic engineering
Professor NAKAYAMA Yoshihiro Mechanical properties and microstructure of metallic materials
Professor NODA Yoshiyuki Analysis and control of dynamical systems and human-machine system
Professor OKAZAWA Shigenobu Computational mechanics and its application to automobile engineering
Professor TAKEDA Tetsuaki Heat and mass transport phenomena
Associate Professor AOYAGI Junichiro Evaluation and improvement of space propulsion systems
Associate Professor FUNATANI Shumpei Flow visualization of combustion phenomena
Associate Professor HARAMIISHI Yasutake Machining and profile measurement using image processing
Associate Professor KAGIYAMA Yoshiyuki Surgical assistant research for biomedical analysis and pre-operative planning manipulation
Associate Professor TORIYAMA Koji Effective use of thermal energy and accelerated methods of numerical simulation using GPU
Associate Professor TSUNODA Hiroyuki Experimental study of various flow phenomena (pipe flow, jet,
aerodynamic sound, etc.)
Associate Professor UKITA Yoshiaki Microfabrication, Microfluidics, Biochemical Microsystems
Associate Professor YAMAMOTO Yoshinobu Computational fluid dynamics, multiphase flow engineering magnetohydrodynamics