We seek applicants who aspire to lead the "Manufacturing industry" (Monodzukuri in Japanese) and to solve problems by integrating their skills in problem identification, communication, and knowledge application. Applicants should be motivated to develop all these skills based on hybrid knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and computer technologies, which are offered by our department.

Leading subjects

  • Advanced mechatronics engineering
  • Advanced robotics engineering
  • Advanced human engineering
  • Advanced embedded systems design
  • Advanced materials engineering
  • Advanced actuator engineering
  • Advanced electromagnetic engineering
  • Advanced communication-controlling networks
  • Advanced medical and welfare instruments
Supervisors Main topics of research
Professor ISHII Takaaki Research on actuators using high power ultrasonics
Professor JIN Lianhua Optical measurement, optoelectronics
Professor KOTANI Shinji Autonomous mobile robot navigation and environmental understanding by robot vision
Professor SUZUKI Yoshimi Information retrieval, natural language processing, spoken language understanding
Professor TERADA Hidetsugu Robotics and actuator engineering
Professor NISHIZAKI Hiromitsu Multi-media (sound, image, and text) processing with deep learning
Professor MORISAWA Masayuki Intelligent sensors using plastic optical fiber
Associate Professor ISHIDA Kazuyoshi Friction, wear, and lubrication
Associate Professor OKAMURA Miyoshi Design based on cognitive science
Associate Professor KITAMURA Toshiya Study of sound emission from aeroflow and low-frequency noise
Associate Professor SHIMIZU Tsuyoshi Profile measurement and application of image processing
Associate Professor TANZAWA Tsutomu Environment recognition using stereo vision
Associate Professor HIRA Shinichiro Micromachining for fabrication of micro fluidic chips
Associate Professor MAKINO Koji Robotics and data science
Associate Professor WATANABE Hiromi Image processing and Sensor Fusion
Assistant Professor KITANO Yudai Wearable motion assist robot using parallel rink
Assistant Professor SUN Xiao Intelligent robotic control