Electrical and Electronic Engineering

We seek those who want to develop their ability to solving technical problems and become active forces in the engineering industry by mastering fundamental knowledge and acquiring specialized expertise in electronics, photoelectronic devices, circuit design, power control, communication, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Leading subjects

  • Light wave engineering
  • Advanced quantum engineering
  • Advanced exercises for electronic devices
  • Advanced crystal engineering
  • Advanced signals & systems
  • Advanced circuit engineering
  • Advanced instrumentation engineering
  • Advanced electric energy engineering
Supervisors Main topics of research
Professor HANAWA Masanori Optical fiber communication system, Optical wireless communication system, Signal processing
Professor KAKIO Shoji Surface acoustic wave devices, optical guided wave devices
Professor MURANAKA Tsutomu Design, growth, fabrication, and characterization of semiconductor nanostructures for applications in nanoelectronics
Professor NABETANI Yoichi Crystal growth and characterization of compound semiconductors
Professor NINOMIYA Satoshi Development of novel ion beams for surface analysis
Professor OHKI Makoto Signal processing, especially theory and application of multidimensional and adaptive signal processing
Professor SATO Takahide LSI design, technology for low consumption of electrical power, high frequency analog circuits
Professor UCHIYAMA Chikako Quantum statistical research on quantum transport and microscopic heat engines
Professor YANO Koji Design and fabrication of power semiconductor devices
Associate Professor CHEN Lee Chuin Development of new ionization methods for mass spectrometry
Associate Professor HASHIMOTO Kazunari Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of quantum systems, Quantum transport in nanosystems
Associate Professor HONMA Satoshi Development and application of optical functional devices, optical switches and memory
Associate Professor ONOJIMA Norio Fabrication of high-performance organic transistors and organic solar cells
Associate Professor SEKIYA Naoto Development of high-performance superconducting microwave devices and wireless power transfer systems
Associate Professor SHIRAKI Ichiro Physical property measurements and structure analysis of nanomaterials by scanning probe microscopy
Associate Professor UNO Kazuyuki Development of novel gas lasers and applications of laser processing and laser medicine
Associate Professor YAMAMOTO Masayuki SiC semiconductor devices
Assistant Professor ITO Hironori Development of laser pulse shaping technology for electronic transport and biomedical applications

Note: Some professors affiliated with this course are also in charge of the Special Educational Program for Green Energy Conversion Science and Technology.