Civil and Environmental Engineering

This program is designed for students who intend to acquire expertise and research skill in civil and environmental engineering, and who want to work toward establishment of new-era infrastructure that supports a safe and sustainable society in harmony with the environment.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Course

Leading subjects

  • Disaster management and engineering
  • Continuum mechanics of solids for civil engineers
  • Infrastructure maintenance engineering
  • Environmental preservation engineering
  • Practical urban planning
Supervisors Main topics of research
Professor KOSUDA Masashi Study on data science for logistics
Professor SAITO Shigehiko Life cycle simulation of concrete structures
Professor AYUMU Hoshino Representation of quantum algebra
Professor MUTO Shinichi Projects and public policy evaluation of urban planning
Professor MORI Kazuhiro Bioenvironmental engineering for water treatment, remediation and resource use
Associate Professor ISHII Nobuyuki Landscape design, aesthetical structure design, and urban planning and design
Associate Professor TAKASHI Komatsu Stationarity、locality and recurrence of quantum walks
Associate Professor GOTO Satoshi Geotechnical engineering for disaster mitigation and rehabilitation
Associate Professor HADA Yasunori Measures and strategies for disaster risk reduction and a resilient society
Associate Professor MIYAMOTO Takashi Earthquake engineering and application of data science
Associate Professor YAEGASHI Sakiko DNA-based environmental assessment and monitoring of freshwater ecosystems
Associate Professor YAMAURA Kota Representation theory of algebras
Associate Professor YOSHIDA Junji Dynamics of structures, mechanics of solids and health monitoring of structures
Assistant Professor YUKI Irie Combinatorial games and algebraic structures
Assistant Professor OHTSUKI Kazuaki River and watershed management, Green infrastructure
Assistant Professor SATO Kennosuke Materials science of cement and concrete

Special Educational Program on River Basin Environmental Sciences

Leading subjects

  • International Partnership
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Life and Health
  • River Basin Planning and Design
  • Advanced Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • Advanced Water Quality Assessment
  • Advanced Environmental Treatment Technology
Supervisors Main topics of research
Professor ISHIDAIRA Hiroshi Development of hydrological models, hydrology in the cryosphere
Professor TOYAMA Tadashi Environmental purification, waste/wastewater treatment, re-production
of energy/material from waste/wastewater
Professor NISHIDA Kei Environmental modelling for wellbeing and sustainable development system
Professor HARAMOTO Eiji Fate of health-related water microorganisms in aquatic environments
Associate Professor SOUMA Kazuyoshi Meteorological and hydrological modeling, including human activities/prediction of water disasters
Associate Professor NAKAMURA Takashi Hydrological analysis and water quality assessment using environmental isotopes
Associate Professor MAGOME Jun Modeling, remote sensing and geographical analysis in hydrology and water resources
Assistant Professor KAMEI Tatsuru Environmental load reduction ande remediation technology, decentralized water/wastewater treatment system

Note: Some professors affiliated with this course are also in charge of other courses and majors. Some professors affiliated with other course and majors are also in charge of this course.