Computer Science and Engineering

Prospective students should aspire to become professionals with a broad perspective of the field of information technology. Students should strive to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the field, to become adept at analytical thinking, and to improve their capacity to solve engineering problems under constraints.

Leading subjects

  • Large-scale discrete structure processing
  • Parallel computing
  • Software engineering
  • Internet engineering
  • Machine learning
  • Visual information processing
  • Natural language and speech information processing
  • User-centered design methodology
Supervisors Main topics of research
Professor ANDOH Hidetoshi Distributed and collaborative systems, interactive multimedia technology
Professor IWANUMA Koji Discrete data mining, automated theorem proving, artificial intelligence
Professor OHBUCHI Ryutarou 2D image and 3D shape analysis, recognition and retrieval, cognitive visual information processing
Professor OZAWA Kenji Acoustic signal processing, auditory information processing, audio-visual perceptive computing
Professor GO Kentaro Interactive systems design methodology
Professor SUZUKI Tomohiro High-performance computing
Professor TAKAHASHI Masakazu Software engineering, reliable software
Professor FUKUMOTO Fumiyo Natural language processing, computational linguistics, information retrieval
Professor HATTORI Motonobu Neural networks
Professor Mao Xiaoyang Image processing, computer graphics, virtual reality/augment reality, visualization
Professor WATANABE Yoshimichi Software development techniques
Associate Professor OMATA Masaki User interface, user experience
Associate Professor KINOSHITA Yuichiro Affective information processing, human-computer interaction
Professor TOYOURA Masahiro Image and video processing, design by AI and IoT
Associate Professor


Artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and reasoning, constraint satisfaction systems
Assistant Professor FURUYA Takahiko 3D shape and 2D image analysis, recognition and retrieval, machine learning
Assistant Professor LI Jiyi Crowdsourcing, data mining, information retrieval