Message from the Dean

Toward a Faculty of Engineering Finding Enjoyment in Creation and Learning

KUMADA Nobuhiro

KUMADA Nobuhiro
Dean, Faculty of Engineering / Integrated Graduate School of Medicine, Engineering, and Agricultural Sciences

Engineering as a foundation of modern civilization

Human beings have realized many dreams by creating and utilizing "tools" to communicate with friends anytime and anywhere, move freely through space, and access all kinds of information readily. Recent achievements in the natural sciences, which seek to understand the principles of the natural world, have led to the technological creation of many of these tools.

When one dream is fulfilled, the human mind moves on to a new desire. Engineering is an intellectual practice—the study of making things useful for living according to an understanding of the laws governing the physical world and the nature of people and society.

In the Faculty of Engineering, you can acquire the fundamental knowledge necessary for making what fulfills people's dreams; we nurture creative potential on a daily basis. Knowledge acquired in mechanical engineering is applicable to automobiles and aircrafts; courses in electronic materials and information technology relate to computers and mobile phones; civil engineering contributes to building urban and transportation infrastructures; chemical technology promotes the development of new, useful materials; and biotechnology supports human life through food production and the development of medicines.

Engineering education for future generations

In this modern age, we aim to create technology that considers the limitations of the earth and brings about a sustainable society. Under the motto "engineering education for future generations," our philosophy is to train broadly educated and highly specialized engineers with powerful imaginations and superior judgment.

It is indisputable that self-righteous consideration for future generations becomes an annoyance to others. Consideration should be based on an understanding of human history and the structure of society, penetrating insights, and ongoing communication with others. Therefore, we hope that you will study not only specialized subjects in engineering, but also subjects in the liberal arts so that you can utilize engineering skills effectively in society.

Focusing on basic academic ability, supporting motivated learning

A strong foundation of knowledge is necessary to study in a cutting-edge field. This means students must have a solid grasp of the cornerstone curriculum. To support the development of basic academic abilities, our cooperative learning center—Philos—provides opportunities for students to study together and receive regular study support from teachers who specialize in basic science, including math and physics. We also offer "Career House," where students can experience advanced engineering research early on; we are continuously improving our educational methods, employing PBL (project-based learning) and flipped classrooms. We hope these resources will let students experience collaboratively the joy of discovery and the fun of creation.

A superior education and research environment

The Faculty of Engineering has affiliated research facilities, including the Clean Energy Research Center, Center for Crystal Science and Technology, Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center, and International Research Center for River Basin Environment. These facilities are interdisciplinary laboratories for frontier research and examples of how we an ideal environment for superior education and research for highly-motivated students.