Philosophy and Objectives of Faculty of Engineering and Admission Policy

Philosophy and Objectives

To provide education and conduct research in order to develop future engineers with broad-ranging knowledge, technical expertise, rich imagination and excellent judgment


"An engineering education with consideration for future generations"

Educational Goals

To develop human resources with basic and specialized academic abilities and logical presentation and communication skills, who are also well aware of the influence and effects of engineering on society and nature, and recognize the social responsibilities of engineers. In addition, to help students acquire abilities to solve social issues through combining scientific perception and technology, that is, through the techniques of engineering design.

Admission Policy

Admission is open to students who are motivated to contribute to society as engineers, who have a strong desire to study, possess basic academic skills, and have the ability to think logically and express their ideas.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

We receive students who wish to satisfy diversifying needs of society through acquiring the most-advanced technological know-how in automobile and aerospace areas, the medical and engineering domains, and power and energy fields, in addition to broadening their knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering.

Department of Mechatronics

This department seeks students who desire to acquire practical problem-solving abilities by utilizing engineering knowledge that covers multiple areas, and who aim to become engineers capable of supporting IT society through transcending the walls dividing the mechanical, electrical, and information areas.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This department welcomes students who, through concerning themselves with the harmony between people and the environment, wish to acquire knowledge and skills in electrical engineering and electronic engineering so as to contribute to a society in which technology has become increasingly sophisticated.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

We invite students who, through gaining skills in information science and information technology and expertise in its underlying areas of mathematical and human sciences, wish to participate in building the next-generation advanced information society and assume a key role in it.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

This department is open to students who, by acquiring knowledge and skills in establishing a social infrastructure in harmony with nature, wish to be engaged in creating safe and comfortable towns and communities which are environmental-friendly and resilient to natural disasters.

Department of Applied Chemistry

Highly motivated students who intend to develop new materials or highly-functional substances, or to solve energy and environmental problems through acquiring chemistry-based scientific knowledge and experience with experimental techniques, are invited to join us.

Department of Science for Advanced Materials

This department awaits applications from students who, with knowledge of both physics and chemistry, intend to participate in creating a new society by producing advanced materials through manipulation at the atomic or molecular level and introducing new functions.