Department of Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Aims: Stronger, Faster, and More Comfortable!

Mechanical engineering is fundamental for all kinds of industrial technologies. From this perspective, we primarily cultivate basic knowledge in mechanical engineering, including mathematics, physics, materials, structure, mechanical dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, vibration and control, and industrial design. Based on these subjects, the automobile and aerospace areas, the medical engineering domains, and power and energy fields are organized as applied engineering disciplines. In addition to classroom lectures in these subjects, experimental workings of physical phenomena and practical training with machine tools are emphasized. Furthermore, we provide an education that focuses on engineering ethics, and communication skills. In essence, our curriculum is constructed to foster engineers who will work energetically in society and demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Design capability to organically link machinery and humans
  • Production capability to contributes to the flourishing of nature and society and the happiness and welfare of humans

Mechanical Engineering Course

After graduation

March 2021

Number of graduates 63
Number of employed upon graduation 21
Number of students advancing to master programs 38