Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The objective of this undergraduate program at the University of Yamanashi is to produce creative, adaptive, and environmentally conscious graduates, who will attain successful careers in our rapidly changing world with their deep understandings of the fundamentals and the latest developments in the interdisciplinary technologies related to electrical and electronic systems.
The Electrical and Electronic Engineering program prepares its students to become professional engineers with hands-on coursework, laboratory training, and a dynamic curriculum on the fundamentals of electrical engineering. This includes circuit theory and design, electromagnetism, semiconductors, solid-state devices, and analog and digital signal processing.
During their final year thesis projects, students will also be exposed to state-of-the-art research and development in advanced electronic systems, nano-electronics, laser and ion beam processing, light wave technology, advanced communication, signal processing, and control and artificial intelligence. These theses are supervised by faculty members who themselves are researchers in the related fields.

Electrical and Electronic

After graduation

March 2021
Number of graduates 59
Number of employed upon graduation 22
Number of students advancing to master programs 29