System Integration Engineering Course

・Objectives of the Course

We train researchers and advanced professionals who are provided with engineering knowledge and expertise to build engineering systems related to machinery, electronics, information, communication and control, perspective that can overlook the three fields of medicine, engineering, and agriculture, and insight that can solve problems of engineering system. We seek for individuals who have eagerness for constructing mechanical systems such as production systems, transport systems, and industrial robots, or information communication systems such as communication networks, and software, in domestic and foreign industry and higher education institutions.

・Contents of the Course

In this course, in order to develop systematic human resources, the following two majors are established. In the System Design Major, special subjects related to mechanical systems such as production systems, transportation systems, industrial robots, etc. are offered. On the other hand, special subjects related to electronic equipment, information communication systems, software fields are offered in the Information Communication System Major. Through the provision of such a curriculum, we aim to train human resources that can contribute to system integration in the machine, electronic, information, communication and control fields

・Admission Policy

We seek for individuals who have eagerness for constructing engineering systems in the fields of machinery, electrics, information, communication, and control. We also seek for individuals who are willing to contribute to the development of the region and global society by developing new engineering systems responding to system integration that is progressing in these fields.