Opening Ceremony for Master 's Double Degree Program


On September 17, opening ceremony for master 's double degree program between Computer Science and Engineering Course and Hangzhou Dianzi University, School of Computer Science and Technology, China was held at Hangzhou Dianzi University. From University of Yamanashi, President Dr. Shinji Shimada, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof Nobuhiro Kumada, Director of Center for International Education and Exchange Prof Xiaoyang Mao, Chair of Computer Science and Engineering department Prof Fumiyo Fukumoto, Associate Prof Yoshimichi Watanabe, Associate Professor Prof Motonobu Hattori, and from Hangzhou Dianzi University  Communist Party Chairman Mr Xinjie Wang, Vice President Mr Ning Zhen, Director of International Exchange Office Ms Hong Xu, Secretary General Jian Bao, Deputy Director Wanzeng Kong of School of Computer Science and Technology, together with the advising professors and the 20 students of the double degree program attended the ceremony. Chairman Wang and President Shimada delivered congratulates and the student representative of the program also gave a speech and showed their determination to study hard. Commemorative tree was planted. Chairman Wang, President Shimada and Dean Prof Kumada served soil carefully to the base of the ginkgo tree with the scoop and pledged to cultivate collaboration of both universities together with this memorial tree.


After the ceremony, President Shimada and Dean Prof Kumada visited Brain Machine Interface Laboratory of Hangzhou Dianzi University and exchanged views with faculty members and students there.


University of Yamanashi and Hangzhou Dianzi University signed their exchange agreement in 2008. In the past decade, led by the faculty of engineering, more than 150 students have visited mutually and the exchange between two universities has been actively conducted. In 2017, joint programming contest was hold by the students studying computer science and engineering and this year, a joint workshop entitled “future society” was held by the students majoring electronics from both universities.


Twenty students enrolled in the master's double degree program are going to conduct research for one and half year at Hangzhou Dianzi University and one year at University of Yamanashi while receiving guidance from supervisors of both universities. After accomplishing the required courses and paper publication, the students will receive a master's degree at both universities.


The University of Yamanashi has set the promotion of master double degree program as a part of the third mid-term plan. In this program, through cooperative guidance of students, development of collaborative research between faculty members and reduction of the results to the educational site are expected.


Opening ceremony

Memorial tree planting

Memorial tree planting

Visiting Brain Machine Interface Research Lab

Discussing about the co-supervising of students

Lecture on Artificial Intelligence by University of Yamanashi Professor

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