Lee Myoungseok

Lee Myoungseok
PhD student
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering,
Engineering for Functional Material System
(Clean Energy Research Center

At the end of March, 2008, when I arrived in Japan for doctoral studies, it was raining in Kofu. At that time, I wanted to go abroad for study and research, but in fact I was afraid to live alone here. However, now already two years have passed, and I have adapted very well to living in Japan.

When I was an undergraduate student, I hoped to study in the energy field; particularly, fuel cells. So, I was determined to study at the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC), since CERC is one of the most active research institutions on fuel cells. My first impression about the CERC was grand. The CERC was huge compared to the laboratory in Ajou University, where I studied for the master's Programs degree in Korea. And, the research facilities were really amazing, and here I could do research that I had been really excited about. The CERC has expanded even more - Last year, the university established a sister center ‘Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center' in order to promote the biggest national research project. I am proud to be a member of the CERC and to participate in the project.

I always think about getting good results in my research and so I feel pressure. However, I believe that if I will do my best like now, I can make a good life at the University of Yamanashi and in Japan.