Jo Soo-Young

I am attending school in the biotechnology department, and I am a South Korean international student.

Since the biotechnology department—compared with other departments of technology—has fewer people, it allows us to get to know each other better. As a class, we enjoy karaoke and bowling, and I have never felt a sense of alienation, even though I am an international student. Everyone gets along well.

I can easily introduce what I have learned up to now. As a freshman, I studied the basics of engineering as an extension of high school studies in physicochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, differentiation and integration studies, and pedestal physics. Real expertise in biochemistry, genetic engineering, microbiology, and food engineering was acquired in my sophomore year. Additionally, we conducted chemical experiments and a variety of biotechnology experiments; also, we have built rapport with teachers and senior students through experiments.

Moreover, there are big events for the biotechnology department. We have a stall and a wine-tasting party at the campus festival. In the stall, we cooperate with everyone, making bread and pork miso soup by hand and selling it. I was the person in charge of making the pamphlet for the biotechnology department. It was very enjoyable to get the chance to help with preparations for the campus festival, even though it was very serious business. There are quite a lot of good things about the biotechnology department besides these.

I thought that I was very lucky to have entered the biotechnology department at Yamanashi University, and I think that it was a very good choice. I will recommend the University's biotechnology department by all means if there is an international student who wants to study in this field. Moreover, I want others to think that it was as good of a choice as I felt it was.